Maternity and Obstetrics Department


The CHPG’s maternity is a type 2 a maternity where birth is given to approximately 1000 newborns per year.

If you have decided to give birth at the CHPG :

Your pregnancy follow-up

The initial consultation :

Ideally, this consultation must be scheduled before the end of the 2nd month (that is to say 10th week of amenorrhea) in order to establish a medical record and plan for the personal follow-up of your pregnancy.

It is advisable that you have in your possession a duplicate of the exams already carried out in town, including:

  • The first quarter ultrasound report
  • Copies of the blood tests prescribed by your doctor

The following consultations :

In the absence of identified risk factors, consultations are scheduled every month

Function Tests


  • To record the fetal heart and uterine contractions through monitoring, for the surveillance of high-risk pregnancies or final stages of pregnancy.
  • Ultrasound surveillance in the case of post-term pregnancies

The pre-anesthesia consultation

A consultation with an anesthetist is obligatory during pregnancy, whether you consider having epidural anesthesia or not. The consultation will take place around the 8th month of pregnancy.

Pre-admission to the Maternity department is to be carried out before this consultation. A pre-admission form will be given to you during the 7th month consultation, which will enable registration at the Admissions Office.

Blood tests must be done before this consultation. It is essential to have the results for this appointment.


Fetal ultrasound screenings:

Can be carried out by CHPG physicians. They can also be carried out by town sonographers that are part of the network.

In the absence of risks or anomalies, it is preferable that they are carried out by the same sonographer.

Reference ultrasounds :

Are carried out at the CHPG by Dr BENOIT (Deputy Head of Department, referring sonographer for the Centre for Prenatal Screening of Nice’s CHU).

In the case of high-risk pregnancies or abnormalities identified during an ultrasound scan, a reference ultrasound is necessary in order to clarify all the fetal parameters and to determine which possible additional examinations are necessary.

Trisomy 21 screening tests :

Available at the CHPG :
1st quarter serum markers
Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis

Fetal samples:

By amniocentesis or trophoblast biopsy that can be carried out at the CHPG by Prof CARBONNE and Dr BENOIT for prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities, fetal infections or genetic diseases.


The CHPG’s maternity is a 2 a level maternity, where birth is given to approximately 1000 newborns per year.

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