Maternity and Obstetrics Department
Post-Birth – Discharge


A discharge meeting is scheduled on the eve of your departure to finalize your return home.

Regardless of the duration of your hospital stay, returning home can be challenging and raise many questions among young parents.

Postnatal follow-up visits carried out by midwives are systematically proposed and more particularly in the case of early discharge from the Maternity. These follow-up visits ensure the good evolution of the puerperium period for the mother and weight gain evolution and breastfeeding for the baby, while avoiding travelling to a doctor’s surgery in town or to the hospital.

Monitoring is carried out by a Maternity midwife for patients residing in Monaco or by a self-employed midwife who works in your area, for patients residing outside of Monaco.

The Coordination Centre team of midwifes is at your disposal to prepare your return home.

Returning home guidance issued at the 8th month of pregnancy

A relay with self-employed midwives is proposed.

Discharges must take place before 1pm, after confirmation of the doctor’s or midwife’s discharge decision and by the pediatrician for your baby.


The CHPG’s maternity is a 2 a level maternity, where birth is given to approximately 1000 newborns per year.

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