Maternity and Obstetrics Department
Our Department – Useful information

– Visiting hours : from 11am to 8 pm. The father is entitled to longer visiting hours. To enable mothers and babies to rest, no more than 2 simultaneous visitors are allowed.

– Siblings reception : Download PDF : siblings reception

– Children are not allowed during ultrasounds

Individual room rate

  • Classic from 120 to 150 euros per night according to availability
  • Premium 500 euros per night, on reservation only
  • Possibility of extra bed (additional cost)

An estimate of the costs related to your stay at the maternity can be established upon request at the admissions office.

Nappies, toiletries and baby formula are provided by the CHPG

Birth registration : registration must be made by your spouse or a relation at Monaco’s City Hall within 4 days following delivery

  • Documents required for registration
    • Mother or informant’s ID or passport
    • For married couples: family record book
    • For couples who are not married: an early recognition certificate established in a French city hall (not mandatory)
    • The certificate of delivery given after birth
  • Joint declaration of choice of name
    • for all children born in Monaco and whatever their nationality, married parents or not can give their 1st child the name of the mother. A name choice form will have to be completed and submitted at the time of birth registration at the City Hall

If you are not Monegasque, you will need to go to your country’s embassy with a birth certificate in order to register your child on the family record book.

For more information on your stay at the CHPG, please consult our welcome booklet.