Maternity and Obstetrics Department

The maternity’s medical team will assist you throughout your baby’s birth. Gently welcoming your baby in a safe environment is the team’s main concern, by respecting the physiological progress of labour. We pay special attention to your birth project which was discussed during a prenatal interview or consultation.

Your delivery will take place in the birth department which is located at the same level as the hospitalization ward. The department consists of:

  • 3 birth rooms that are equipped for placement and monitoring of epidurals and the newborn’s arrival
  • 1 emergency room
  • 1 intensive care unit for newborns
  • 1 caesarean section room

The maternity ward is open 24 hours a day for obstetrical emergencies. The Princess Grace Hospital also has all the equipment and structures needed to ensure maternal safety (interventional radiology, blood bank, adult medical and surgical care unit).

In addition, maternity is permanently linked to the maternity of Archet II as part of the perinatal network for cases of extreme prematurity.

The medical team is composed of :

  • A midwife who ensures 24 hours per day : labour monitoring, physiological childbirths and immediate post-natal care, in case of complications the midwife is in contact with doctors who are on duty.
  • A medical team consisting of an obstetrician-gynecologist, an anesthetist and a pediatrician is on duty 24 hours per day.
  • The medical team is assisted 24 hours per day by a health care team composed of an anesthetist nurse and a childcare assistant

According to your wishes and the evolution of your labour, we offer:

  • respect of the physiology of labour and childbirth
  • mobilization during pre-labour and labour thanks to an exercise ball or hanging bar….
  • deambulation and mobilization during labour
  • Music atmosphere of your choice
  • epidural analgesia, on your request and irrespective of the stage of labour
  • various positions during labour
  • skin-to-skin at birth, feeding at birth to get to know your baby in a gentle way

In case of a programmed cesarean section or cesarean section decided during labour and in the absence of risk you may be accompanied by your spouse.

Your preferences and wishes regarding the delivery process can be the subject of a birth plan to be discussed with your obstetrician or midwife during a prenatal interview.


The CHPG’s maternity is a 2 a level maternity, where birth is given to approximately 1000 newborns per year.

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